Meet the maker

Hey I'm Jasmin!

Welcome to 'A Happy Mind Shop,’   my little calm corner of the internet!

It's just me here, running the show from home with a little help from my amazing husband. After almost a year of planning during my maternity leave, A Happy Mind Shop was finally born in June 2024.

I used to get so frustrated with traditional adult colouring books. I never knew what colours to use, and I'd end up rushing just to finish because it took me forever!! Nobody has time for that!    

So, I decided to create my own line of colouring books. 

I believe "me time" should be easy and enjoyable for everyone.    I'm on a mission to help people find time for themselves and make it as relaxing as possible. My main focus when I design my books is to help you relax and unwind without needing much free time to do so. Perfect for when you just need to have a quick breather!  Id love for you to follow along as we grow! Stay tuned, I am always working on new releases.

Happy colouring!

Jasmin  xxx


Please feel free to get in touch for any enquiries 🥰


TIKTOK: a.happy.mind

INSTAGRAM: a.happy.mind